Moving guidelines

Baccarat moving company in Dalian Dalian Baccarat moving companies over the years, industry leaders, responsibility to serve the public, and strive to "serve the public, themselves." Has now become a very good reputation in the customers of baccarat moving companies in Dalian.

service commitments:

Dalian Baccarat moving company seeks is "first class service + =100% satisfaction at reasonable prices". Customer satisfaction is our greatest success!

service concept: customer first, safe, efficient, reputation first, service. choose love, save money worry!

service purposes:

1. reputation first service thoughtful

2. enthusiasm active fast efficient

3. not eat not drink not took don't

4. customer property security reliable

5. light took light not urgent not Mania

6. charges reasonable not mess price

7. dressed neatly civility

8. service quality seriously is responsible for

service process:

a. Telephone: someone to receive customer telephone inquiries, preliminary understanding of customers move dates, moving route, if you need to supply Paper box, and the availability of valuable items, such as pianos, safes, and so on.

II. Phone quotes: consultation via telephone, if not many have to move furniture, about 1~2 car is a small move, they can use the telephone offers. Verbal agreement was signed.

III. Free home valuation: for companies, factories, large organizations to move large number of furniture items, is a large move, our company has sales, free home valuation and provide relocation advice, commentary and notes.

IV. Sign relocation contracts: after the on-site assessment will be relocated immediately signed the contract.

v. Provide carton: (in addition to complimentary provided at cost price) before they moved, such as the customer needs to provide Paper boxes, tape and other packing materials are provided at cost price.

VI. Time: according to the number of furniture items, assign appropriate vehicles and Porter, the auspicious day auspicious times specified by the customer, vehicle arrived.

moving range:

moving services--long a short moving, Office moving, unloading containers, moving the piano.

our services--professional moving plants, moving the machine, lifting, heavy equipment, shifting, upstairs and down.

air conditioning service--professional air conditioning mechanics, air conditioning disassembly, repair, plus a variety of cleaning and maintenance.

-installation and maintenance-professional installation and maintenance of electrical, water and electricity installation and maintenance and so on.

truck rental-long short distance transportation, cargo loading and unloading, sorting warehouse.


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