"The ants" corrupt officials a rare

  do not see do not know, a look startle, nowadays, there is such a corrupt official, for a fraction of more than 200,000 yuan, 9, 232 of bribery corruption, which took five years to complete, with Han saying "diary" hero Han feng's words, "now where to look so clean her."
Officials in such a prominent position in the County, with 232 times, including minimum amounts of only 38, maximum only at about thousand Yuan to the "ants" corruption, anti-corruption practices, is rare, extremely rare prosecution investigation.
A territorial Secretary, if the Secretary is a corruption, found him only "ants" embezzled more than 115,000 more than 95,000 yuan of bribery, 9 times, never said the judiciary in the case "to force". Because he was really a corrupt Secretary, and intentional corruption, definitely more than this figure, judicial authorities may not check his 232 to put us off corruption.
Moreover, I doubt the case is that some officials of the crime of "infighting" products. Because, when prosecuted, a point of evidence are not finally investigated him and found that he really is a "good job", large amounts of crime could not be found, you have to take those small amounts add up convictions.

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