Cable users moving to cable "turf" set-top box could not back away

  "your problems between businesses, cannot ask our paying users, can't move a House for a set-top box! "Yesterday afternoon, Mr complaints from the public, said Guangzhou cable TV set-top boxes under player he had just bought, had just spent more than a week's time, recently moved to nearby not far away, but this new set-top box can not be used, because the new address not within the canton of Mr cable" turf ".
Mr applications install set-top boxes, and took more than 450 Yuan, installation location is in Guangzhou Shahe Zhu Yuan rental, left the room. Mr Luo said his rent house landlord have a set-top box host, he just bought a pair of machine can be used, and migration is more convenient, after he moved away then. "Nobody tells me when buying, which cannot be used in Guangzhou, where they (Guangzhou cable) range! "
From installation to move, Mr new machines just over a week. Because the landlord was repossessed the House, he had to find another place, and moved the same day, the new address is Yong Fu Street, Sha, and distance from the residence just before a station. Wish under machine set-top boxes also can migrate, he at first did not care, until moving to a new home, he found that interface could not be found, did not receive any television signals.
Watching "new waste" set-top box, Mr angry for several days is not considered as television. Romania has recently come to Guangzhou to find wired staff, checked the address lines, discovered that the original, so it is not a cable in Guangzhou "turf", Guangdong cable but by another company that is responsible for Mr Lo set-top boxes a banquet, Guangdong cable can only buy new equipment.

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