Corporate move is a win-win choice

  medieval nomads regularly from the station migrated elsewhere, in order to find a more suitable place to live. Enterprises to move in order to find the most suitable investment environment. PRD is China's leading economic powers, in the tide of upgrading of industrial structure, either in transition or the transfer of enterprises, the choice despite the pain, but it is not only China's economic development trend, common prosperity through joint efforts. Moved reasons has three: a is policy protection efforts gradually to market, such as 2007 National about sector on foreign trade processing enterprise of Taiwan account system made reform, part export enterprise of cost aggravated, cash flow appeared difficult, will select bankruptcy or put factory moved to cost more low of inland area; II is central area is formed China economic new of growth, industrialization in the of opportunities more to emerged out, West, and North, regional has more Southeast more vast of land and more rich of population resources Three central effects of agricultural policies, including agricultural tax and the new rural construction, these measures have helped farmers go to work with comparisons between farm income disparity at home, directly from coastal labour-intensive employment problems. Of course, choose to move basic manufacturing, they can move but also because is not a particularly high proportion of transport costs account for all costs.
Move is actually a win-win choice. In developed areas, derived from fast-growing land, energy shortage and environmental pollution and other issues need to be settled, GDP fails to move the primary city of the low-end industries supported the shift to urban, made you want to go to the city to create the city. After moving in some enterprises, funds and high technology industries will be available relatively mature and complete urban facilities and market environment to successfully enter. Inland areas, achieve full employment of the population, and appreciation of the various resources. Experts believe that this process of industrial gradient shift will continue for a long time, until the country's overall business costs and profit margins tend to be average. From Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Dongguan, and capital to develop fully conforms to China's economic development is not balanced, multiple levels of reality, and no wonder.
Not all moves are bad. Market economy, closed closed or migrate to move, provided that they meet the law requires a rational view. Ensure that all businesses make money, ensure that all low-end industries live ideas may seem warm, but absurd, but is ultimately hurt the broader economy.

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