Elderly people find "work" is not moving

  old man who lives in Xinmin Street, six living in the community in a multi-storey residential building, 75 years old this year. For so many years, his greatest wish is to go downstairs every day trip, Deputy Dawg and his neighbors, distraction, to boost the transfers to the disease life. However, due to health reasons, plus care is hard to find, his wish has not come true, and he has been at home, not out of the House for three years.
As suffering from cerebral infarction for years, the old man body could not move to the right, left arm leaning on is our first day single, staggering forward. In order to enable him to go downstairs, Zhao aunt, wife and children arrived in Guangzhou labor market many times, from migrant workers who can be found in here every day to help the elderly and down the stairs, but am always disappointed. Because labour is typically give a person move   discharge   do have sweat jobs.
Two days ago, Zhao Auntie went to the labor market, just say you want to find, gathered more than 10 people all of a sudden, competing with Zhao, aunt. When workers heard that need is to be able to lift the patient's work, they suddenly lost interest, dispersed around the edge to edge, "said patients with back, tired and Maitai, calling such there will be a risk, in case patients sick, who is it? "Aunt Zhao said, could pay more costs, but still no response, said this did not mean.
In order not to disappoint, aunt Zhao again contacted several domestic companies, there have been "no business". Zhao aunts can not be reconciled, and gave a moving company a call, not the business of the defendant. Finally, finally have a House moving company reluctantly agreed, but the company receptionist said because there is no precedent, only references move charging method of billing. Her sketchy account, from the initial fee is 100 Yuan out of the company, every floor increased 10 Yuan, went down as well. Old man who lives in the six-floor, which is 60 Yuan, with initial costs 160 Yuan. This is just one way, according to this calculation, a round trip costs at least 320 Yuan. And the cost for aunt Zhao, is equally difficult to accept.

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